Elementary Schools

Enjoy the experience of Picture Day with a hassle-free and safe approach to ensuring lines of communication are kept open and that quality portraits and attention to detail are met. We take extraordinary measures to ensure that student information is kept private and that the administrative burden on schools surrounding photo day is practically eliminated.


Key Benefits for Schools

Return on sales options to put towards rewards and fundraising programs or instant rebates to parents at checkout.

Key Benefits for Parents

Composite Group Photos

With these unprecedented times; social distancing has become the buzz term of the year and true to fashion, we at Ivy League, take the changing landscape very seriously. 

That’s why our solution to the traditional group class photo has evolved into the classroom collage where we create an image from the individual portraits of each child and teacher.

Green Screen

Our custom designed procedures coupled with our innovative technology, allows us even more versatility for any situation. 
By photographing students or athletes in front of a green, blue or white screen, we can later replace it with any color, image, or scene.
In addition we can build elaborate composite files.