Family Photo Day Fundraiser

Photo of a family

Allow us to introduce our Family Photo Day Fundraising Partnership. A one or two-day photographic school photography event that can successfully raise much-needed funds for your school in a time when the fundraising has been particularly difficult for H & S/P.P.O. organizations.

The event follows a “Proofing” Sales model similar to our School Photos, and takes place (when possible) outside, on school grounds.

The process is seamless and simple.

  1. Families from your community book their 10‐minute time slots online through our system.
  2. Then they show up for their scheduled time slot.
  3. Our passionate, professional staff photograph a mini family session.
  4. Families receive an email with a link to view and purchase, digital files, prints & gift items that are shipped directly to their door.
  5. Your H&S/P.P.O receives a 15% commission of the sales.

As always, Ivy League Photography offers an end-to-end, turn-key solution that makes administering the event painless and easy.

Facts about our Photo Day fundraisers.

  1. Commissions are paid within 14 Business days of the end of the sales period by e-transfer.
  2. Product packages start at $30.00, Individual products start at $15.00
  3. Our prices are tax included.
  4. To maximize availability, we provide two photographers for your event. With the ability to photograph 8 families in an hour
ROI Example 1:
Families Photographed

Each family only purchases the smallest package @ $30.00 = $2,880

School funds raised*

($2,800 – Sales Taxes = 2505.60 x 15%)*

ROI Example 2:
Families Photographed

Each family only purchases the highest package @ $92.00 = $8,832

School funds raised

($8,832, – Sales Taxes = 7681.67 x 15%)*

*Figures assume everyone makes a purchase and the event sells out. These are theoretical figures based on an estimate. Actual results may vary.